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The first step to treatment is to learn about what you are or may be afflicted with. The more you know, the stronger you will be to fight against it. The less you know, the more at risk you are to become afflicted in the first place. So it is a must to learn about it. Many have come out of deviant beliefs and practices by Allah's Mercy after listening to the Ruqya lecture. 


The second step to treatment is to listen to the Ruqya audio, in which the intention behind the recording is to be a means of aid with Ruqya treatment and benefit to the listener.


Always listen with to the audio with someone present, and never whilst you're driving. This may cause symptoms during or after listening.



The third step to treatment is to get Ruqya treatment. This is the most assured way to get a accurate diagnosis from our Senior Specialist Abu Ruqya. 


If you are outside of the UK and have no way to come for direct treatment, then follow the first two steps and continue listening to the audio and try the Self-Ruqya section: click here









The hardest stage you will experience is pre-treatment because this is the time you are not doing anything against what you are afflicted with (i.e. Black Magic, Jinn Possession, Evil Eye). When are you aren't doing anything against it, it will do everything against you. Whatever evil plot it was aimed to do (i.e. destroy your Marriage, block you from Marriage, ruin your health, cause you death etc.), it is easiest to achieve when you are not even aware that it has hit you. 


So many people spend years some most of their lives, living in this darkness of not knowing that they have a Spiritual affliction. Even upon learning about it, many will try to turn a blind eye to it or may even feel really scared to know about it. This is all common and normal, due to the effects preventing a person from believing it and the Shayateen (Devils) will cause fear upon hearing anything related to it. Also low Faith and not being firm in belief of Tawheed will make a person fearful of the Unseen.


Upon finding out you are afflicted, do not panic and do not think your life is destroyed. Your life was getting destroyed prior to this and now Allah has finally shown you the reality. Allah is now guiding you towards overcoming all of this so that you may come out of this state and be cured. So consider this in fact a big blessing! 




During treatment is the most challenging stage as commonly reactions will start to occur upon starting Ruqya treatment. These can range from mild to severe, depending on the severity of affliction and amount of it. This can be to most people a sort of shock, as it is something they've not experienced prior to having the Qur'an read upon them. Some people will feel fearful and worry over getting reactions. However it is important to really work to strengthen yourself and to overcome this fear as you should not fear any of it. It is Allah Who is alone to be feared, and nothing happens except by Allah's permission. Fearing the Jinn having the ability to harm you is a forbidden fear falling into Shirk, Audhubillah.


You have to understand that it is happening because the Ruqya treatment is directly affecting the afflictions (i.e. The Magic, Jinn, Evil Eye). After the initial shock of this experience, you will become accustomed to these reactions. Allah will grant you the strength and ability. And overtime they in shaa Allah weaken and you will feel immense relief. As Abu Ruqya once said,


"Expelling the Jinn sent through Magic is like delivering a baby! You will face extreme pains for a period of time but once it's out you forget about all the hardships you went through!". 





The duration of treatment is different for every person and it is something no one can tell you how long it will take. It is all with the Knowledge of Allah. For some patients it can be a short amount of time, for others it can lost months to even years. But this should not be the main focus of your treatment, what you must focus on is getting treatment however long it may take.


Initially after receiving the Ruqya you will commonly experience after effects which are reactions after you've had Qur'an read upon you. They may sometimes be more severe then when you had the initial reading done. Over time though in shaa Allah they will weaken, and you will start to feel immense improvement by the permission of Allah.


Once you are cured completely by Allah's permission, the Post Treatment is follow the Programme which Senior Specialist Abu Ruqya will give you. In it is included the obligations you must do and the recommendations you are advised to do, as well as some of the prohibitions which you must avoid. All in together giving you the guide to remain free from afflictions and getting re afflicted, in shaa Allah.









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