These are a summary of symptoms of Black Magic. There are many more, each case is different


Unexplained bloating. Stomach, head lower back, muscle & joint pain

Unexplained infertility / impotenance, irregular menstrual periods

Unable to marry, potential suitors fall through for no reason 

Falling in love with a stranger suddenly and obsessively 

Husband and wife separate and divorce for no reason

Husband and wife constantly fighting for no reason

Wife suddenly refuses intercourse with husband

Blockage from success in career and wealth

Frequent nightmares  and  disturbed sleep

(Seeing people in strange distorted forms)

(Seeing various creatures and animals)

These are a summary of symptoms of Jinn possession. There are many more, each case is different.

Extreme sadness, depression, excessive crying, self-harm and suicidal attempts

Extreme anger, quick to get angry for no reason, thoughts of harming others

Extreme mood swings, split personality, speaking in different voices 

Poor hygiene, dislike of cleanliness and being in state of wudhu 

Feeling movements & ant crawling sensations in the body

Housebound, fear of going out and being with people  

Frequent panic attacks, constant paranoia thoughts

Frequent nightmares and dreams of intercourse

Grinding and clenching teeth while asleep

Seeing dark shadows, hearing voices

Dislike hearing the Qur'an & Adhan

Turning away from acts of worship

Unexplained Epilepsy / Seizures

Adnormal desire and lewdness









Black Magic, Jinn Possession and the Evil Eye are Spiritual Afflictions which can cause various different symptoms effecting a person Spiriually, Mentally and Physically. Depending on the severity of afflictions and/or more than one affliction at the same time, a person can suffer in every aspect of their life.


Disclaimer: Note that these lists of symptoms are not all the symptoms related to afflictions, and are also NOT A DIAGNOSIS affirming Spiritual afflcitons, but only intended to pin point your problems as a beginning step. If you have a number of symptoms below and/or various problems which have had no solution, contact for further advice & Ruqya treatment with Abu Ruqya. 


Abu Ruqya Centre treats Black Magic, Jinn Possession and the Evil Eye afflictions ONLY. We are not Medical Doctors and we don't use any medical equipment. Please consult a Medical Doctor always for a thorough Medical evaluation.


These are a summary of symptoms of the Evil Eye. There are many more, each case is different.


Excessive sleeping, sleepy during the day / unable to sleep at night, sweating during sleep

Excessive yawning, feeling very sleepy listening or reciting Qur'an and during salah 

Unexplained frequent urinating, palpitations in chest, pale or dark in the face

Unexplained excessive hair fall out (including beard hair for men)

Feeling very bored, unmotivated and lazy to do things

Unable to concentrate  and feeling a mental block

Loss of memory and becoming very forgetful

Sudden loss of attracive physical feature

Sudden loss of praiseworthy attribute

Sudden loss of a talent and skill

Unexplained anxiety & distress

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