Insomnia & OCD



Assalamu alaikum,


I am an Islamic Counsellor. I have previously worked for the NHS. I have been suffering for 37 years of my life.

  • Marital problems

  • Financial difficulties

  • Illnesses e.g. cancer,  depression and very stiff body


I am aware of the unseen forces negative and positive but I have very little knowledge to deal with them.


According to some knowledge from the Quran and Hadiths. I learnt how these forces could corrupt ones mind and cause numerous ailments in the human body and mind.

I have been on anti depressants for a while but soon realised that they were not helping. The problem was within me and the tablets were just covering it all up.

I got some advise from Ustadh Murtaza Khan from Tayyibun Institute. He referred me to Abu Ruqya.   

Abu Ruqya recited some verses of the Quran LOUD and CLEAR and I was listening to his recitation and felt the pain ease off. I felt much lighter and happier. After the session I felt my connection with Allah was stronger than before. My mind was much clearer. I was thinking clearly and was able to make better decisions for myself. I no longer needed the anti depressants. 

Allah is the most powerful; I put my trust in Him alone. I believe his words are true, there is no need for anything else. Shifaa is from Allah. I would recommend anyone suffering from similar problems should have this treatment of Ruqya.


-Sister from London

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