Islamic Therapy is a type of therapy from that allows people to speak to a knowledeable and trustworthy Islamic Advisor about their private affairs in a confidential environment. In Islamic Therapy various aspects of Life are addressed including Religion, Family, Marriage and personal problems.


What is Islamic Therapy?

What is Islamic Therapy for?

MENTAL: Depression, Anxiety, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), Waswaas (Whisperings of Shaytan) etc.


SOCIAL: Marriage Problems, Divorce, Family Disputes, Social Anxiety, School Learning Disabilities, etc.


SPIRITUAL: Religious (i.e Low Faith), Afflictions of Black Magic, Jinn Possession and Evil Eye 


SELF: Spiritual & Religious struggles, Addictions (i.e. Smoking, Gambling, Pornogrophy etc.




Islamic Therapy can help save a Marital relationship that’s under tension and turmoil. Ideally the spouses should go together but if your spouse refuses to join you, it can help you sort out your own problems before working on your Marital ones. It can also help you cope with separation from your spouse and divorce, while aiding to lighten the hardships and trials by focusing on your Faith and increasing in it.




Islamic Therapy involving the Family help those dealing with conflicts, divorce and afflictions. It can especially be helpful for families where divorce has taken place to help the children cope and adjust to separation while offering them support and teaching them to establish their own Faith. Families who've also been diagnosed with Black Magic, Jinn and/or Evil Eye, will benefit to include Islamic Therapy along with their Ruqya treatment.





Islamic Therapy for those dealing with addictions of drugs, alcohol and others, is crucial to help bring them out of their state and prevent further potential harm to their health and lives. The most important step is to help them recognise the addictions, enabling to teach them to break free from them and to turn to their Faith and becoming firm in it. By establishing practice of the Religion it closes the doors to addictions.






Islamic Therapy for those dealing with Spiritual afflictions of Black Magic, Jinn Possession and Evil Eye is very helpful due to the immense impact thar they can have on a person's mental and physical state. By helping suffering patients recognise what part of their mental sufferings are caused by these afflictions, they can begin fighting them off and ultimately overcoming them, by the permission of Allah.








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